5 effective sit up variations

March 17, 2021
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The five effective ways of sit-up variations include Bicycle Crunches, Russian Twists, Dead bugs, V-Up, and Scissors. Why do you need to do sit-up exercises? Or Why do we workout and concentrate on sit-up position? 


Before we move in detail to discuss why sit-up variations are effective for humans, let’s talk about a few points about workouts and exercise in general.


Why do we work out or exercise? Often it’s noticed that the IT sector is multiplying due to increase in Technology, and lots of MNCs are growing immensely. As a result, people have lost track of exercising on a daily routine.


To stay fit, we have to exercise daily. Sit-up variations help us maintain an excellent physical body posture and keep the hip and thigh muscles in shape. Additive to this, the people who have abdominal fat can perform sit-up variations to eliminate extra belly fat.

How does sit-up work?

Firstly, maintain a proper form of sit-ups; secondly, look for suitable variation depending on the type of workout you may require, and lastly, learn from your mistakes made by you before and try to change them.

  • Sit-ups work for the burning abdominal fat in your body. Sit-ups let you burn the fat located at your oblique.
  • Sit-ups focus more on the Glute workouts and concentrate more on the thigh part of your body.
  • Sit-ups impact on chest and neck parts as well.

Benefits of sit-ups?

We do sit-up exercise because it requires human body weight which helps to grow core strength and make us strong and fit by letting our posture correct. 

Body toning is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to losing fat. Body toning and strengthening the core are the essential benefits of sit-ups. 

Daily workout of the core helps muscle stability and reduces the abdomen fat, and shreds your oblique. 

Sit-up exercise makes us look good and keeps the body in posture. The part of the body where sit-up variations affect the most is Lower Back and gluteal muscles.

A Glute workout helps to maintain an excellent physical hip posture. 

Some immediate benefits of sit-ups are mentioned below.

  • Increases the core strength   
  • The rapid increase in elasticity of your body  
  • It has a high effect on posture building 
  • Lowers back pain
  • Better stability 

The Five effective sit-ups are listed below, and I will be speaking about them individually in the following few paragraphs. 

  • Bicycle Crunches 
  • Russian twist 
  • Dead Bugs
  • V-Up
  • Scissor 

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches have a lot of benefits. Some of them are increasing the strengthening of core muscle, boosting your expandability or flexibility in your body, and reducing the lower abdominal fat.

Bicycle crunches focus more on the abs and oblique parts of the body. Both abs and oblique exercises keep your belly fat away and make you look shred. 

Your legs’ pedaling activity affects the hip portion and tightening of the core, which helps your spine and maintains a lower back shape.

Although, there are some alternative exercises for Bicycle crunches. Few among them are, you can perform Barbell Deadlift, Burpees, ABs crunches, and a lot more.

Russian Twist

Before we move on to what exactly the Russian Twist does, we shall look for its history behind Russian Twist. This name originated in the former Soviet Union at the time of the Cold Wars. 

Russian Twist was a training exercise that was given to the Russian Soldiers to keep them fit. That’s all about the history behind the word; now, let’s dive deep into the benefit and the focus of the Russian twist. 

Like Bicycle Crunches, Russian Twist also helps to strengthen the core, burns down the abdominal and oblique fat, and trains the spinal to maintain a proper posture.  

Dead Bugs

For the ones wondering what dead bugs are, dead bugs are a simple exercise in which the person has to lay down with his face up and arms in the air and legs. 

The knee should be bent to a ninety-degree angle, and the movement of the opposite hand and leg have to lower down towards the ground and come back to the same posture.

Repeat the same cycle. Dead Bugs increase the balance and help in coordination. Like the above two exercises, Dead bugs also reduce abdominal fat and keep the oblique muscles fat-free.   


V-up is used to strengthen the core and improve body balance. The basic steps involved in performing V-up are setting back and lifting your toes, and lifting your hand straight up. Lower your feet to the ground simultaneously as you straighten your arms. Maintains a proper posture of the body, improves body balance, and keeps the core fit.  


It is an efficient way of strengthening your core body. Scissor is performed by lifting your feet above the ground and crisscrossing the feet in the air like a scissor. 

It helps in building a strong core and hip fat reduction. Love handles might reduce too during the scissor workout.

Maintains the posture of the lower back and focuses more on the gluteal region. 

A Glute workout helps to maintain the shape of thighs and hips. Glutes focus more on the buttock region and the large muscles of our body.   


In the end, I would only suggest that no exercise is less than others. Sit-up variations are effective in their ways. 

Every variation is different from the other. Maintaining the correct posture of the lower body is the most important and the most frequently asked question. People always have a query regarding their lower body postures, well the solution is the same. Performing at least five variations of Sit-up exercises will maintain a healthy body and keep your abdomen free from fat. This generation, with the rising trend of obesity, must exercise daily. Workout keeps the body fit and does not make us lazy. IT people are paid to warm chairs. This does hurt our society. Let’s try to keep ourselves fit and healthy and perform twenty to thirty minutes of exercise daily. 

Stay fit, Grow fit. 

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