lumbago (low back pain)

Lumbago (Low Back Pain) – Common Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

what is lumbago

Lumbago, is nothing but low back pain. It effects the  lumbar vertibles of spinal cord with all associated bones, nerves and muscles together. Pain can be severe to moderate.

Pain might last for long time or person can have spine jerks at certain point. It can be cured in time period, moderate condition gets relief from pain in six weeks and severe pain takes twelve weeks Max. It affects young and old as well.

Both men and women are affected in same ratio. It is due to lifting heavy weight, standing for long time, etc.

80 percent people of Western world are affected from lumbago. It is also known as LBP. There is not specified age for lumbago. It can effect anyone, in lifetime. Ans it is mostly seen in age group from 40 to 80 years.

It can be cured by medicine and physical exercise. Pain can be dull constant or sharp pinch pain.

It can be classified as acute lumbago i.e. lasts for time period of six weeks.

Sub-chronic i.e. lasts between six to twelve weeks or chronic I.e. lasts for more than twelve weeks.

If person facing other problems such as fever, weight loss or other problems, need to go under other tests and medications.


Lumbago is not understood mostly by people since person neglects pain initially.

  • Very common symptom is pain in lower back area or around 17 to 25 vertibles are affected.
  • Numbness or stiffness in muscles.
  • Person is not able to perform activity associated with back, such as bending down. Person might feel pain or muscles getting stiffed. Pain might go down to the foot area or upside to shoulder.
  • Having swelling or inflammation in that area or buttock region and getting all of sudden pain.
  • The nerves of the region get stiffed or irritated down the foot, that is called lumbago with sciatica, as it irritates the sciatica nerve.
  • Getting lower back pain while sneezing of coughing.


After many studies, the core reason of lumbago is not able to specify.

  • Main reason can be using lower back pain or sudden picking of heavy loads.
  • Osteoporosis, can be another reason, if bones, muscles, nerves of spinal cord are not strong enough to function.
  • Spondylosis, osteoarthritis, are the other reason for lumbago.
  • Getting up all of sudden due to certain situation, can give jerk and that can cause the damage and further circumstances.


Person must take proper treatment for LBP, must not allow to ruin personal life and joy.

  • Person can concern orthopedic doctor and get anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Yoga or exercise under proper training.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Hot or cold compression.
  • Surgery.
  • Chiropractic or spinal manipulation.
  • Physiotherapy.


  • Lumbago can be diagnosed by doctor on the basis of pain and using some of weapon physically.
  • Doctor’s also perform some chemical blood and urine test to know the situation of bones and tissue.
  • Even X-ray can be performed to know the status of nerves and muscular disc between the spines.
  • In extreme cases, Computed tomography (CT) Scan or Magnetic resonance imagining (MRI) Is conducted to study the bones, nerves and muscles altogether.