How Long Does Tramadol Stay in Your System?

February 24, 2020
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Tramadol is known to be one of the Synthetic Opioids, the medication is used as a cure or a medication to relief moderate pain and severe pain.

Sometimes it’s very important to understand the medication how long tramadol will stay in our system this will help us to understand and take measured precautions before getting overdosed by Tramadol.

Because of tramadol overdoses many health issues arises which may later cause addiction towards the substance and can lead to death also.

There is always a major concern using this medication when it comes to kids, children or toddlers it is always advised to consult a physician before providing the medicine to the children.

Tramadol is mostly used as a pain killer medicine in many cases. We usually use the medication Tramadol for spasms rather than using other tablets. It is very effective when it comes to relieving the pain.

How Long Does Tramadol Last?

Blood- It stays in the bloodstream up to 48 hours.

Urine- It the substance stays up to 24 to 72 hours.

Saliva- The substance stays up to 48 hours.

Hair- It stays at least minimum 30 days to maximum 90 days after taking the medication .

It works as receptors in the brain nerves through nervous system. The medication generally last between 5 to 9 hours in the main blood stream, the medications like tramadol or Ultram usually last longer to the patients who are taking the doses very frequently.

how long does tramadol stay in your system

The complete elimination of the tablets from the body takes nearly 5 to 6 times as long as half of its life. Tramadol for pain is very efficacious and helps relieving the pain.

This medication is an effective medicine in treating spasms after a particular injury or surgical pain. It acts as a sedative substance to treat muscle and back pain after any operation or even chemotherapy.

The Dosages releases the chronic or acute aches. The pain is relieved for a longer period of time and gives a relaxation in the body.

How does Tramadol works?

Tramadol generally works by blocking the signals of the brain which travels in the nerves in the brain.

These tablets are one of the strong painkillers which also treat long-lasting pain wherein other painkillers are unable to relief the patient’s pain.

Tramadol works similar to the other painkillers, such as hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine. The medication works by binding the opioid to the receptors in our brain and starts blocking pain signals.

Tramadol has other effects also. The medication increases the effects of serotonin and norepinephrine, there are two other important chemical messengers in the brain. Both play a role in pain.

The main purpose of the pain relief is that it helps improving the function better in your day-to-day life. Pain medications, like tramadol, do not really fix what causes the pain.

Is this medication misused?

When the medication is taken responsibly as directed by the doctor the medications are generally safer to use as per world health organization. Tramadol can be misused by the patients or abused.

The labeling has been changed by FDA to include the information about its abuse. The use of drugs psychologically and physical dependence.  Though this does impact both the histories of opioid dependence, there has been higher risk in people with histories of usage of substance abuse.

People abuse the drug with opioid addiction, chronic ache patients, and health experts.

How to Detox From Tramadol?

Detoxifying tramadol can be a bit challenging as the medication has been consumed by the patient for a longer period of time, the Withdrawal symptoms are usually felt in the beginning of 12 hours after last usage.

In general the withdrawal symptoms will grow its severity within 1­-3 days after last use. Then moderates over the course of another week or so on. When detoxifying from tramadol, a masses of withdrawal symptoms may can be experienced.

A medical detox will be helpful for those who depend on the medications like tramadol. In such cases, the patient going through withdrawal symptoms has been monitored for major health complications and given medications.

FDA has approved two drugs that manage opioid withdrawal symptoms.  The buprenorphine act similar to tramadol on opioid receptors to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

What can affect by taking tramadol how long it stays in your body? 

There are many different factors that usually affect when tramadol stays in the stomach. There are many different factors that usually affect when tramadol stays in the stomach.

Depending on how often the customer takes the tramadol. A single dosage of this medication will stay in the system for shorter time. If the patient takes more than one dosage or take the medication on regular basis the medicine substance will stay longer in the system.

How you take tramadol also is one of the factor whether it is tramadol drops or injections which is absorbed in the body and excreted faster than tablets or pills form of medicines.

The metabolism refers to process of breaking down that has been ingested in the body such as food or medicines. The metabolic rate may be affected by many things, which includes the activity level, diet, age, body compositions and also genetics.

Slow metabolism may increase the amount of time which is taken while breaking down the narcotic medicine tramadol.

The organ functions may reduce kidney or liver function which can be increased the amount of time taken for the body to get rid of the medicine tramadol.

If a person is over 60 to 75 years of age the body may take longer to get rid of the painkiller.

Safety measures to be taken before taking tramadol

The medication tramadol comes with risk of side effects from mild to severe health issues.

Generally the risk of the side effects increases as per the intake of the medication, if the person takes more than prescribed medication then there is a possibility a person may get side effect symptoms.

The symptoms does include



Dry mouth




Vomiting and nausea

Sweating rapidly


Is tramadol detectable?

This medication is detectable in

Urine- Between 1 to 4 days after the last dosage.

Hair- The substance can be found between 4 to 6 months.

Saliva- the medication stays up to 48 hours.

Blood- In the blood stream the medicine stays between 12 to 24 hours.

The medication is safe when taken as directed by doctor or any physician.

However, people suffering from moderate levels of pain, shall not misuse and increase the dosages of the drug which may get the risk of dependence and addiction towards drug.

Generally, tramadol usage can be risky which can lead overdose and eventually death. However, there are many treatment centers and programs available which can help to guide those who need to come out of addiction and recover.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of tramadol?

Tramadol works on receptors in the brain and throughout the central nervous system, preventing the reuptake of the two neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and serotonin.

The pain relieving effects begin within an hour and stays up to 2 to 4 hours. There are many extended versions of tramadol.  The single extended pain relief pill does stay in the system for a longer in the system.

While the medicine is active in the body, tramadol depresses breathing and causes the pupils of the patient to constrict. It reduces the motility in the digestive system the food consumed takes long time to digest and a person may experience constipation as well.

The patient may experience itching, sweating, red eyes, and also experience faintness or dizziness and a patient lies down.

The Factors that may Influence How Long Tramadol Is In the System

People generally have different reactions while taking tramadol with other medicines, this can also include how long the drug inside the patients system. Genetics, overall health, and size can also play an important part in determining how long the medication will remain in the body.

Age slows the metabolism

Old patient’s body usually takes time to digest food and medicines it means that the metabolism is slow. Which impacts as tramadol does stay in patients system for a longer period of time. 

It becomes very difficult to clear the medicine from the body because of aged patients metabolism.

Amount taken of the dosages

People who take tramadol for a longer period of time may have traces of the medication in the fats of the body. If a patient frequently doses on the drug, this medication may remain traceable for longer period of time.

Body mass Index- As tramadol is stored in the fatty tissues in the body, people who have higher body mass might have larger amount of drugs in their body.

A patients body mass and index can also impact overall functions of the body, which includes rate at which the liver metabolized the medication like Tramadol.