Strong Quads and Stronger Knees

March 18, 2021
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Having a solid quad is its toned muscle in the thigh region and reduces the risk of any damage.

Addictive to it, quads muscles are used for strengthening and keeps your knee strong. We need to train the large muscles in our body like the Quad, Triceps, Biceps, and Chest. The large muscles in our body contribute in some or another way to keep our body balanced.

At the same time, Stronger knees are equally important as how stronger Quad muscle is. In-depth, we have discussed why Stronger knees are needed. For a quick recap, stronger Knees are used to avoid bone injuries and cramps.

Because the Knee is prone to injury, it’s considered a slightly sensitive part of the human body. Knees perform many movement activities like, Running, Jumping, Walking, and many other movements.

Knees are the only support that handles the entire weight of our body. Thus, Knees and Quad muscles must be trained finely to balance our body appearance and posture.

Where is Quad muscle located?

Quad muscle is located in the front part of your thigh muscle. The Quad muscle is the largest and strongest muscle in our body. Well, in mathematics, it means a kind of four-sided yard. Pretty similar to every Quad muscle has four muscle groups. These include – 

  • Rectus Femoris 
  • Vastus Lateralis 
  • Vastus Medialis
  • Vastus Intermedius  

How is it related to Knees?

The part of the body which syncs with the quad is the Knee. Any minor cramp or damage to your quad will adversely affect your knee, as well as both parts, go hand in hand. Weakness in either of them may lead to an imbalance of the body. 

How to build muscles with bad Knees?

Try to focus more on your thigh exercise. Various thigh exercise is- 

  • Leg raises 
  • Kettlebell Squat 
  • Wall squat
  • Calf raises
  • Step-ups 
  • Lunges
  • Leg press

The above mentioned are a few quad strengthening and knee strengthening exercises. It not only builds up your muscles with bad knees but also reduces knee pains.

What are the ways through which you can strengthen your quad muscles?

Get up from your seats, start working out on your legs. Cycle for some distance, climb stairs whenever you are at work or home. Pedal your bicycle for a minimum amount of time.

Thirty minutes a day would be feasible to keep your quad and knee muscles strengthen.

Try climbing up the stairs in your free time to relax your bones and muscles.

Rack squats, lunges, and sit-ups are used to strengthen our quad muscle.   

Types of Knee friendly exercise

Here are a few knee-friendly exercises that we shall walkthrough. 

Heel and Calf stretch

Place your hand against the wall and make sure your legs move accordingly with the pace of your elbow. Hand and leg movement is supposed to happen alternatively; once you bend your knee down, try to push your glutes behind and repeat the cycle for fifteen reps. 

Quadratic Stretch

Stand still in one place and lift your one leg halfway and hold it with your arm. Release your leg down once you are done with it. You might need a support of a wall or a chair to balance your upper body. 

Half Squat

Hold your body posture in a way you sit on a chair. But the only difference is you are holding yourself in that seating position without a chair. Try to balance your entire body weight and do a regular squat. It’s nothing but just a typical sit-up that we perform for those who aren’t aware of the squat exercise. 

Calf raise

Stand straight and try to lift your toes while balancing your body weight. Make sure you use support in the form of a wall or anything that provides firm support, such as a bench or table. Flex your calf portion and tighten it while you are standing on your toes, then relax it when your toes touch the ground. 

Leg raises

Sleep on a mat, lift your leg straight in the air and drop it down after holding your posture in the air for at least five to six seconds. 

Precautions to avoid knee pains

  • Workout constantly
  • Swim once a week 
  • Cycle to your workplace 
  • Maintain your body weight 
  • Walk often 

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